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Plant a tree before it's too late

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

In all Truthfulness, the walls of hospitals have heard the most sincere and heartfelt prayers of people than Mosques, Churches, and Temples

While do we wait until we have limited time before we can vet our motives and resolve to be truly opened to ourselves to whateveopeny we consider

Growing up, I took much delight in trees, their shelter and cool breeze were indeed priceless

While in Maroua and the Northern region, I understood their true value as they were invaluable

For he who doesn't plant trees, shouldn't expect to get any shelter and cool breeze that they offer

We complain when it rains but how many of us have planted a Tree within His lifetime?

Whenever it rains, we neglect the planting of trees and treasure the warmth of our blankets and a woman's bosom

Forgetting to understand that it is during the rainy season that trees do blossom

When we don sow seeds into the lives of others, let's not expect to obtain fruit from them

Planting trees of kindness, Love, and Empathy are tress that does bear fruits

Whether in business or at school or wherever you find yourself, do well to plant trees, not because you would need shelter one day, but because it is beautiful and part of a System designed by God

The other day, I had to let go of an employee, it wasn't a good experience but some seeds can spoil others being a leader is to build people on their most holy faith

But when our holy faith is motivated by greed, unkindness then you need to tweet them go to find peace

We are here as an extension of God's creation and in the beginning, His Creativity is mentioned in the Bible

Let's just think about that again for a minute. God made every human to be creative and innovative

It is embedded in our DNA, again schools or any form of education is to unravel that creativity

Coming back to planting within our lifespan boils first to us identifying our seeds, as capture in captured as *You cannot give what you don't have*

Without a seed we can't produce fruits, even the bible spells that out clearly, so Let us do well and go plant Trees while we are here

Njieforti Princewill Gana

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