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The Farm Life Blog

At Sustain Afric farming is not a job, its a lifestyle.  

Behind the Sustain Afric Blog

By Muriel Tataw

Welcome to the Sustain Afric Blog! We here at Sustain Afric are excited to have finally launched our official website It has been a long time coming and we are grateful to have come this far. Thank you for stopping by to read from us today.

This blog is positioned to be our way of informing the masses of various things that relate to our vision and mission as an NGO. Topics will include sustainable agriculture, health and wellness, farming, entrepreneurship in agriculture, agro-business, youth involvement in agriculture, and much much more.

This blog will also highlight our various projects and events held by Sustain Afric. So stay tuned for amazing content that just might encourage you to see farming through a modern industrial lens. We depend on readers like you to share our content so as to educate the masses along with us. So please, don’t let us down.

It would also mean the world to us if you subscribe to our blog so you can see our content regularly! So don’t forget to join our mailing list today. Once more, thank you for giving us your time and continue supporting Sustain Afric in our goals to provide food for the future.

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