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Tomato Farming in Cameroon

Tomato farming, especially around the southwest- and northwest regions of Cameroon, is a lucrative business due to the good climate and soils around mount Cameroon. Many farmers would like to engage in tomato farming, but lack the finances to do so. They cannot afford to acquire the right knowledge, to rent pieces of land or to buy the necessary seeds and seedlings, tools, fertilizers and other chemicals. Because of this, most farmers operate on a subsistence level and can barely feed themselves and their families. A microcredit of about 1300000 CFA ($2237) would enable them to receive a short training on commercial farming, rent a sizeable piece of land, buy quality seeds and seedlings and fertilizers. After planting, harvesting can be done after approximately 3 months and the yield will be about 4000000 CFA ($6883 ).

It is also a big problem that a lot of chemicals are used in Cameroon, infecting groundwater. In the training special attention will be paid to these issues and focus will be laid on sustainable farming and climate change


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