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How to avoid Theft in farming

Limbe: Plantain thief, accomplice apprehended and handed to police

Theft on farms has been a major problem in Cameroon and Africa. After suffering and investing millions in farms you lose everything to thieves.

We have experienced this personally on my plantain farm, Where we lost more than 30 bunches of Plantain. We had to do more research on how to stop or minimize the level of theft on farms.

There are a few things we can do

1. You should use paints or some marking materials to mark your crops or animals when you do that inform your neighbors of your trademark.

2. Avoid locating farmlands close to Urban areas, This makes the farm easily a to thieves, Get a farm deep in the forest where the accessibility is difficult and expensive, usually one way in, one way out.

3. Build a farmhouse and get workers to stay there so you can have that physical presence on your farm

4. Get wild dogs so they can sniff out thieves

5. If you are doing animal farming get a fence to secure the facility this will reduce theft by up to 80% on your farm

6. If you are in Africa you would realize that no matter what you do sometimes thieves will always visit your farm but there is one thing most of them fear most and it's voodoo. You can scare them with fake items that look like voodoo just like our forefathers use to do.

7. Most importantly pay your workers well and carefully select workers who will be honest and accountable.

There are so many things you can do but we have to always have this in mind, Farming is a business like any business we must make sure we put everything in place and invest money in securing the farm. It's useless to invest 100 million and don't put in at least a million to the security of the investment


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