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At Sustain Afric farming is not a job, its a lifestyle.  

Kids and Farming. The kids need us.

Our children and kids don't like going to the farm again.

Imagine the average age of farmers in Africa is 55 years.

What becomes of us when our mothers and fathers die?

You can change this by taking your kids to the farm and teaching them how to farm just like Stans Garden is doing.

He is one of the biggest Gardeners in Bamenda and he does not fail to take his daughter to the farm. You can see how happy she is.

There are valuable life lessons children learn from farming

1. Humility. When you are returning from the farm with dirty clothes and your friends are all dressed up, the child begins to see life differently, it makes the child knows where he/ she is from.

2. Hard work: We all know how difficult it is to work on the farm and no matter how tired you are our parents will ask us to do a little more

3. Patience: Crops don't take a day to grow, it requires when you plant you have to water, nurture and protect and wait till when it's mature to harvest

4. Consistency: it's only when we continuously put in the work on the farm that we can harvest, Day after day they will need to weed, mulch, clear, and stake it's a none ending task.

There are so many lessons for all those who grew up on

the farm you can educate us more in the comment section


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