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At Sustain Afric farming is not a job, its a lifestyle.  

Sustainable Agriculture

In agriculture, sustainability is a complex idea with many factors, including the economic (a sustainable farm should be a profitable business that contributes to a robust economy), the social (it should deal fairly with its workers and have a mutually beneficial relationship with the surrounding community), and the environmental.

Environmental sustainability in agriculture means good stewardship of the natural systems and resources that farms rely on. Among other things, this involves:

  • Building and maintaining healthy soil

  • Managing water wisely

  • Minimizing air, water, and climate pollution

  • Promoting biodiversity

There are different sustainable agriculture practices to achieve the goal of sustainable agriculture. They include:

  1. Rotating crops and embracing diversity

  2. Planting cover crops

  3. Reducing or eliminating tillage

  4. Applying integrated pest management (IPM)

  5. Integrating livestock and crops

  6. Adopting agroforestry practices

  7. Managing whole systems and Landscape.


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